Guided weapon Frigates Tromp class



The two frigates of this class were the flagships of the Royal Navy for 25 years. The striking large sphere on the bridge structure, which housed a modern radar, made these ships recognizable from a great distance. That is why these ships were called ‘Kojaks’. The characteristic silhouette would be the calling card of the Royal Navy for many years. Because of the grey colour, naval ships tend to fade into the background. The painter therefore chose to paint the central ship, Hr. Ms. Tromp, with sharp shadow areas. Since the two guided weapon frigates were rarely at sea together, the painter on the horizon does not include the sister ship, Hr. Ms. de Ruyter, but the supply ship Hr. Ms. Poolster is shown. The guided weapon frigates served between 1975 and 2001.


Pack of 5 postcards with high-gloss varnish.

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